Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Singing. Being. Living. Seeing.

Through both triumphs and struggles, we hear of sadness and strength, hope or heartbreak. We listen to those and everything around us which inevitably makes up who we are. In all of this, one thing holds true - the sounds around us.

This blog is an attempt of a project similar to those of the past, but different in the same way. At least once a week, I am going to look at a song - any song - maybe a choral work, maybe some oldies, maybe an orchestral piece - suggested or otherwise and break it down finding meaning in it for myself, and maybe for others. This isn't as much of an attempt of expressing myself, as it is to give hope for something I hold near and dear to my heart: music.

Let us always be singing, being, living, and seeing the world around us in song...

"Sing. Be. Live. See." ~Earthsong by Frank Ticheli

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